This calculator is designed for users who are looking to save energy and conserve natural resources. With the help of a calculator, you will find out how much you would pay for electricity by installing a solar power plant on the roof of your home or purchasing a "piece" of a remote solar power plant. You will find out what power plants your household needs, how much to invest and how long it will take to pay off. This knowledge will give you confidence when talking to suppliers.

How much do you pay for electricity now?

Enter how much electricity your household consumes per year (kWh).

Add up the usage for all the previous twelve months (you can find it in your accounts) and enter this number in the box below.

kWh per year
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Enter how much you currently pay per 1 kWh:

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You pay now for a year:


So you need to install 0 kW power plant.

How much would you pay for electricity per year by installing a solar power plant?

Solar energy is produced during daylight hours, but many consumers are not at home during the day and usually consume most of their electricity in the evening. Info

Enter the amount of electricity you will consume in your home during the day:

Solar energy consumption:



Which option would you consider?

When you install a remote power plant (say, if you live in an apartment building), you will have to pay an annual maintenance fee. In the box below, enter the contractor maintenance fee for the year. If you do not currently know the amount of the maintenance fee, enter 20 EUR (this is the average maintenance cost per 1 kW per year):

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Annual maintenance fee:


In total - annual storage and maintenance fees for the power plant:

Annual electricity storage charges:


How much do you save by using solar energy?

The amount you saved:

€0 per year

How much will it cost you and how long will it take for the solar power plant to pay off?

You need to install 0 kW power plant.

Its price is €0 Info

Payback of the solar power plant (in years):

Building a power plant at your own expense


With APVA support for all users Info


If you take advantage of support for vulnerable user groups Info


Consumer Alliance 2022 announced a campaign for the collective purchase of a remote solar power plant in November. User registration takes place on the website until end of March 2023. If you want to receive information about other Consumer Alliance campaigns, enter your email in the box below. postal address.

CLEAR-X project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, Grant Agreement no. 101033682.

Calculate how much electricity you will consume right away (in sunny weather) and how much you will put into the grid and use it during the dark hours of the day. This ratio is usually around 60/40 (percent). If you consume a lot of electricity during the day (bright) - then you can enter 70-80 percent. If you consume little during the day and consume more in the evening, then your answer could be 20% or 30%. The more electricity you use at home during the daylight hours, the less you will pay for storage. The current storage rate of 1 kWh is EUR (from January 1st 2022). 1 kWh storage rate is EUR + value added tax (VAT = 21%).
In Lithuania, the installation or purchase of a one - kilowatt solar power plant in a solar park costs about EUR.
About 30% amounts invested
About 85% amounts invested